Mayor’s Note: Hydrant Flushing Delay

Hello Athenians,

Flushing of hydrant lines is done to remove iron and mineral deposits from the water mains.  As water sits in areas in the lines that see limited use, these minerals accumulate over time. This will cause all of the water in our system to become cloudy and to take on unpleasant taste and odor.  

I understand that when we flush we sometimes see some discoloration in the water reaching your home.  Be assured that this is purely aesthetic and does not impact the safety of  the water.  With this said, as I know that we are under the New York “on pause” restrictions and staying at home, we will delay the flushing for 30 days.  I do not want to delay longer than that as it is the spring and fall flushing that ensures the clarity and taste of our water supply.  Please stay safe and look out for each other by honoring the “stay at home” and social distancing policies so that we limit the impact of COVID-19 on Athens.

Thank you,

Mayor Stephan Bradicich

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