Public Hearing Items Available for Review

Hello Neighbors,

We hope you’re all managing and staying healthy during this unprecedented time. We still have some business to attend to though. So, this post is to let you know where you can find the items that are coming up for consideration in public hearings.

Currently, we have three public hearings scheduled for the April 22nd Village Board meeting.

The first is an annual occurrence. Each year during budget season, the Village Board passes legislation that allows for an override of the tax cap in case the budget requires it. Generally, the law is repealed once the balanced budget is adopted. We will hear public comment on this law.

Next, we will hear public comment on the proposed Short Term Rental regulation law. This hearing had been previously scheduled for March 25th and was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both laws are posted on the Village Code page. Scroll down to the “proposed/pending laws” section. There’s a public comment form at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to submit written comments directly to the Village Clerk.

Additionally, the tentative budget has been posted for review here. We will hear public comment on the budget on April 22nd as well. Any comments can be submitted in writing via the same form (which can also be found on the contact page) or directly online during the meeting.

Details on how to participate in the pubic hearings online will be made available shortly.

Thank you and stay healthy!

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