Mayor’s Note: Face Coverings in Public

First, thank you to all residents who continue to abide by social distancing guidelines.  While we are not out of the woods yet with regards to the Covid-19 virus, the number of confirmed cases in Greene County continues to rise. However, we have had little impact in the Village to date and I am confident that we can keep it that way. 

So how does the Governor’s executive order regarding face coverings impact us here in the Village? 

For the most part, simply maintaining social distance with friends and neighbors is considered an effective way to reduce the spread of the virus.  However, there are times when social distancing is difficult or impractical. 

In the Village, we’re primarily concerned with the need to cover our faces when shopping or picking up take-out from a local restaurant or convenience shop. Under these circumstances, in accordance with State guidance, use of something to cover your nose and mouth is required.

In order to help to keep us all safe and prevent Covid-19 from taking root in the Village, I have instructed the Village Police to remind residents of this policy when in local stores.  Please keep yourselves and your neighbors safe by wearing a mask when in local stores and restaurants.

Thank you and stay safe!

Mayor Stephan Bradicich

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  1. Dear Stephen, Thank you for continuing to communicate with village residents. I think it’s very important to be very clear about what will keep us all safe so that no one thinks its”optional”. That will be particularly important as the weather gets warmer and folks flock to their boats , the park, etc. we are
    Nowhere near peak and we have no idea how many village residents are infected and asymptomatic . We have to assume that we all are and take measures accordingly . That kind of messenging will make a big difference in keeping us healthy and not infecting each other .

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