Mayor’s Note: On Reopening and Reporting Dangerous or Illegal Activity

Hello Fellow Athenians,

As you may know, Greene County falls into the Capital Region as far as the State’s re-opening guidelines are concerned.  As such, it appears that we will achieve phase 1 of reopening by week’s end. 

Phase 1 allows for some businesses to reopen within the conditions set by the State. These include: Construction, Agriculture, Forestry,  Fishing and Hunting, Retail (Limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off), Manufacturing, and Wholesale Trade.  For a more detailed list of businesses included in this and future phases please take a look at the NY Regional Monitoring Dashboard

Regretfully, we still have a way to go before we are able to return to normal. Therefore playgrounds will remain closed until we are able to demonstrate phase 4 in our region.

In addition, we’ve seen an alarming trend in the Village complaint system being used to report potentially hazardous situations.  If you witness a loose dog, confrontation or other potentially dangerous situation please call the police immediately at either (518) 945-1559 or via 911.  Given the current reduced staffing of the Village Offices, complaints may not be seen immediately. The Athens PD has increased patrolling. They’re here to help you!

Stay safe!

Mayor Stephan Bradicich

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