Mayor’s Note: Memorial Day From the Front Porch

Village Trustee, Amy Serrago, hitched a ride with the
Athens Volunteer Fire Department for this year’s Memorial Day Parade!

Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s Memorial Day “Front Porch” Parade. 

We had a fantastic turnout! The West Athens and Village fire departments, the Sheriff’s office (including Sheriff  Kusminsky) and the Village Police all came out to celebrate. And we enjoyed a tremendous showing of classic cars and local businesses. 

In addition to the parade, the American Legion was able to hold a small memorial ceremony. 

I have to apologize personally to those on Marlboro St.  Due to the large number of vehicles we were unable to double back onto ourselves and had to bypass that portion of the route. I am very sorry that you missed out. 

Hopefully we will be back to normal soon and we can enjoy more traditional parades but it was great to see so many out to honor our veterans. 

Thank you!

Mayor Stephan Bradicich

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