Procedural Update for Meeting Agendas

Hello Neighbors,

As you may know, elections took place in mid-March and new Board members were sworn in on April 5th. I’m proud to have taken the oath as Mayor of the Village of Athens!

In addition to swearing in new officials the April 5th meeting served as an organizational meeting. This determines many of the procedures and policies that the Board will follow for the next year.

For the most part these procedures will remain the same. The one exception to note is that I’ve changed the timing for preparation of meeting agendas.

This affects the public, so I’m posting here to let you all know.

The deadline for addition to a public agenda meeting (4th Wednesday of each month) is now 5pm, two days prior to the meeting. So, by end of business Monday for a Wednesday meeting. This change holds for Board members and department heads as well.

This will allow us to distribute agendas at least 24 hours before the meeting so that the Board and the public may better prepare. Of course, if there is an emergency or impending deadline we will make the proper adjustments. But I believe this change will benefit us all.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mayor Amy Serrago

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