Grade Grouping Forum at EJA: August 3rd

Come to tomorrow night’s forum on future grade groupings in our schools.

The Coxsackie-Athens Central School district has proposed reconfiguration of our schools and a change to the way grades are grouped within the two elementary campuses. The scenario being discussed would have E.J. Arthur Elementary house Pre-K through 2nd grade and create an “Intermediate Academy” for grades 3-5 at Coxsackie Elementary. Two informational forums are on the calendar August. August 3rd at 6pm at E.J. Arthur Elementary in Athens and August 5th at 6pm at C-A High School in Coxsackie. These proposed changes could have significant effects on our kids and our community.

Please attend a meeting, write a letter or otherwise make your voice heard in regards to this proposal. We urge you to talk to your neighbors, your kids’ teachers and community to learn more.

In addition to the public forums, you may want to attend a School Board meeting. Meetings are usually on the third Thursday of each month. Check the district’s website for more information. You can also check out this article from the Daily Mail.

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