Town Board Meeting Tonight

Hello Neighbors,

Tonight’s Athens Town Board meeting will include discussion of the future of our historic community building. The meeting will take place at the Athens Volunteer Fire Department, 39 Third St. at 7pm.

Currently the Village maintains the community building and the Town rents the space they use from the Village. The building is in need of extensive renovation. Several years back the Town and Village Boards resolved to turn the building over to the Town, which has the financial capability of performing the renovations. However, now the Town Board is considering building a new building to house their offices. This would leave the Village to shoulder the cost of restoration on its own or risk losing the building.

The deal to transfer has been all but done for quite some time, but has continually stalled. In addition, the Town is currently in arrears on their rental obligation to the Village.

Come show your support for preserving this Athens gem.

Thank you!

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