Community Building Survey

We’ve created a survey to gauge Athens residents’ feelings about the current Community Building debate. Please forward and share this with your neighbors in both the Village and the Town of Athens.

Click here to share your opinion on the debate over the future of the Athens Community Building at 2 First St.

Some background info:

The Athens Community Building (2 First Street) currently serves as a community center. It houses the Town and Village of Athens offices, the Town court, Village police station and a public gymnasium.

Currently the Village maintains the community building and the Town rents the space they use from the Village.  

Built in 1900, the building is in need of renovation. The cost of renovations is currently unknown but may include ADA compliance, asbestos abatement, mold removal, and new windows. 

In a 2016 resolution, the Town Board resolved to take over management of the building and perform the renovations. The Village Board agreed and made a resolution of its own in support of this arrangement.

The Town Board is currently in the process of voting to rescind this agreement. 

If rescinded, the Town may decide to move their offices to a separate facility. This would be a new construction. The Village would then need to decide what to do with their offices, police station and other public facilities currently housed in the Community Building. 

In 1977, the building was transferred to the Village from the Coxsackie-Athens Central School District after housing the local school for several decades and later serving as the original home to Columbia-Greene Community College. There is a covenant in the 1977 deed that states that the building must continue to serve as a community center.

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– The Athens Village Communications Committee

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