Public Hearing Reminder & Info

Hello Neighbors,

We’ve gotten some questions about the cost and financing of the new fire truck. I thought it might be helpful to share some information before tonight’s hearing.

The Village Board has been discussing this purchase for quite some time in public meetings. In 2019, the AVFD formed a truck committee to research and plan for the new truck’s design and financing.

First, the bond for the construction of our firehouse will be paid off in 2022. The fire truck will not be delivered (it is built to spec) until 2023. The plan is to bond out for the new truck and keep the payments the same (or lower) than the payments for the firehouse. We would begin making those payments after the new truck is delivered. There will be no increase in taxes to cover this expense. We’re replacing one bond with another, leaving the budget virtually unaffected by this purchase.

Additionally, the Village got the best possible price on the truck through competitive contract pricing using Sourcewell. The Village of Athens is a member (as are multiple local municipalities and organizations). The team also worked closely with Garrison Fire & Rescue, a trusted and proven local company, to build a truck that fits our needs but doesn’t exceed them. Meaning the truck committee was economical in their planning for this equipment purchase.

We will also use any funds received from the sale of the old truck and/or its parts to offset the cost of the new purchase.

The new truck will replace a truck that is 32 years old and has outlived its usefulness to our community. It’s no longer worth paying for the costs of repairs and the risk of equipment failure during an emergency is too high.

I hope this info clears up some of the questions the Trustees and I have received regarding this large purchase. I look forward to seeing you at the hearing tonight.

You can view the full public hearing announcement including remote login information here.

You can view the official legal notice for this hearing here.

Thank you!

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