Water Update: 9/1/22

There are two issues that residents connected to village water should be aware of.

First, a flow test was conducted by a private property owner within the village. This included flushing of specific hydrants near the property. Village water operations were not aware that this was happening until early this morning. Generally, when a test like this is needed, it is scheduled to occur during regular hydrant flushing to minimize disruption.

Unfortunately, the timing of this event was very poor. Our water levels are already very low and because of that, some residents may experience brown water for approximately the next 48 hours. 

In addition, we’ve had a water main break on S. Washington St. near the entrance to the Village. Crews are working to fix this and it should be under control shortly. This may have been slowly leaking for several days, but we just became aware of the problem late yesterday. 

These two incidents combined have exacerbated water discoloration, which may have been happening prior to our discovery of the leak.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to fix the problem.

6 Replies to “Water Update: 9/1/22”

    1. Yes, water is safe, with the exception of white laundry which may become discolored. There is a solution to remedy this available in the Village office. You can pick up a bottle there and add to white loads.

  1. There is a new, blue paint mark on the water valve in front of my house on So Church (and a blue line to my property from the valve). Is this mark related to this post or is there some work scheduled that I should be aware of?

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