Water Update: 9/16/22

Happy Friday Everyone,

Some of you had asked if the Village had lifted our mandatory water restrictions, which went into effect approximately two weeks ago. At our department heads meeting on Wednesday, I learned that our reservoir levels are still below the level that would allow us to lift these restrictions.

Because the water is still about 12″ down from desirable levels, our restriction will remain in place. I will continue to stay in close contact with the team from Northdome on this and lift the restriction as soon as it is prudent to do so.

Water should be flowing over the “spillway”. As this image shows, it is currently dry.

On September 1st we had an incident in the Village that caused discoloration in the water. Those of you that experienced this already know. During that time, I created a form for residents to report water issues so that we can make sure that our water system operators are aware of these issues. This will allow them to better address problems, hopefully before they become widespread. Your feedback helps.

In addition, during that time many of you asked if the water was safe. It was and is, although it appears discolored during these episodes. We took samples on 9/2/22 and had them tested over that weekend. The results came back clean. The samples were free of contaminants that would cause it to be harmful. Our water is potable. A neighbor asked if I could share those results online, so I have attached them here.

I appreciate your patience and feedback as we continue to work on improvements to our systems.

Enjoy your weekend!


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