Voluntary Water Restrictions in Effect

Hello Again Everyone,

I’ve gotten questions recently about when we’d lift the water restrictions that were put in place about a month ago. I know, because of recent rainfall, it seems like things should be back to normal, but unfortunately they are not.

Because our drought conditions were so severe, our systems operator has advised that we continue to be conservative in our water usage. I saw for myself on a recent trip out past the reservoir that the water level is still not where we’d like it to be.

So, for the time being we should all practice voluntary water conservation efforts. Please continue to refrain from watering lawns, washing cars, pressure washing buildings, landscaping, etc., as much as possible. Here’s a link to some additional tips on conservation from the DEC. Conserving water is always a good practice!

I will continue to stay in close contact with the team from Northdome on this and lift all restrictions as soon as it is prudent to do so.

Enjoy your weekend!


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