Public Hearing 8/9/23

At the start of this week’s Village Board meeting (Wednesday, August 9 at 6:30pm) the Village of Athens Board of Trustees will hear public comment on proposed amendments to Village Code Section 201-16 “Cutting of Grass, Weeds and Bushes Abutting Streets”. This hearing will take place at the Athens Village Clerk’s office at 2 First St.

You can view the proposed amendment budget here. And you may submit written comments here.

2 Replies to “Public Hearing 8/9/23”

  1. Village Board:

    The proposed amendment addresses a couple of issues that have needed attention. Hedgerows are a problem at a couple of locations in the village, and in one case the obstruction is a definite traffic hazard. Second, there really was no punishment for violating the current law. (Maybe it is also time to beef up the unshoveled sidewalk violation?)
    However, five hundred dollar fines seem to be a definite case of overkill.

    I also wonder about this sudden change in approach in the area of property maintenance. Many of us have repeatedly brought up various dilapidated homes around the village to no avail. I would offer that such issues deserve more attention than an overgrown lawn.

    Finally, let me note, though, I am not advocating natural lawns, they are becoming increasingly popular. Thank you for listening to my musing.

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