Tank Cleaning & Hydrant Flushing, Aug. 21st – 24th

Last week, the main water tank underwent cleaning prior to the hydrant flushing that took place. While we had intended to get the Dogwood Lane tank cleaned at the same time, it was not possible.

The Dogwood Lane tank will undergo cleaning on August 21st. This may take two days. After that, the Village of Athens Department of Public Works will be performing hydrant flushing Tuesday – Thursday, August 22nd – 24th.

The tentative schedule for flushing is as follows:

  • Day 1: Second St. & N. Vernon St.
  • Day 2: Side streets south of Second then heading north
  • Day 3: N. Franklin, Washington St. & Brick Row

Some residents may experience turbidity and/or discoloration in their water. If this occurs, run your cold water for 10 minutes or until it runs clear. You should refrain from doing white laundry on these days.

Thank you! We apologize for any inconvenience.

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