Boards and Committees

Planning Board

The public is welcome to attend the Planning Board meetings, which are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at 2 First Street in Athens.

Board Members:
Margaret Moree (chairperson)
Carrie Feder
John Miller
Kurt Parde
Tim Albright Jr.
William Tompkins (alternate)

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board meets on an “as needed” schedule to review special use variances.

Board Members:
Andrew Dupont (chairperson)
Phyllis Dinkelacker
Mary Ann Scalera
Yves Goldberg
Steve Whately
James Bouler (alternate)

Waterfront Advisory Committee

Committee Members:
Andrea Smallwood (chairperson)
Caroline Gillaspie
Paul Salvino
Andrea Smallwood
Paul Petramale
Caitlin VanValkenburg

Civilian Oversight in Policing Committee

 Committee Members
Guy Griggs
Al Ramm
Marya Warshaw
Todd Bernard
Guia Golden
Ina Guilzon
Sarah Kardos
Wayne Deyo
Joseph Villari

Conservation Advisory Council

Council Members:
Molly Little
Cate Collinson
Robert Brunner Jr.
Leslie Reed
Josh Lipsman
Maggie Moree (ex-officio member)
Chris Sprague (ex-officio member)